All is Quiet on the Western Front

So I’m doing pretty ok right now.  Great in fact.  Quite fantastic even I would go as far as to say.  Windy made it home safe and sound.  Poor little girl is tuckered out.  I’m glad she’s home though.  Now to approach new problems.  None in the immediate future it seems.  But more than a host to still tend to.  I wish I could elaborate, but I feel it isn’t the time just yet.  No… Not yet.  A million words rush through my head in these moments.


They all mean nothing.  Not only in the grand scheme of things, but in terms of personal context, I find no resonance with myself.  Again, I seem to be separated from self.  I listen to a song, as per my love’s request.  It’s a nice song, I appreciate when she asks me to listen to songs she has picked out.  It’s a nice way to end the night.  Well… “End” the night.  I supposed the night won’t be ended until I finish this post.

Temptation creeps in to end this one early, but I have yet to complete my mission.  Wait.  What was my mission again?  I know I have not accomplished it yet, however I cannot recall what it was or is.  Is it no longer that important?

Ah, yes I can recall it now.  I wished to speak a bit about myself, as I wish to have a sort of pattern for each of these posts.  It should be quite obvious after reading a few posts. 

Anyway…  I don’t know what I can say that will contain any sort of relevance tonight.  Perhaps I should just ramble a bit.  No? That doesn’t seem entirely right does it?  Well maybe I’ll have something EXCITING to write soon.  Until then, I seem pretty calm, so goodnight ya’ll, it’s been an “uneventful” day.


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