Humbugs and Doodlepops

I’m so tired of being deceitful to so many people.  Including myself at times.  I mean, it’s not that hard to tell the truth right? Tch… about the only person I’m always truthful with if not for equivocation, is the one person who keeps me sane.  At least when she’s not driving me to insanity… I kid of course (not really (yes I do (but only a little bit (no it’s actually a lot ( but don’t tell her anything about these meta parentheses))))) 

And here I sit, committed to my few “really great” friends.  In ponderance of thousands of dollars on my behalf.  I make rash decisions, but they are usually full of concern and care for others, rarely myself.  Although, that being said, I am also apt to impulse buy.  Zebo is the friend of which I now speak.  Of course that isn’t his real name, but much like my familiar name, Nezzo, it’s how we sometimes refer to each other.  Bromance, what have you.

I talk of giving up one of my more recent addictions. It’s for a greater purpose.

You know it’s funny.  I got on here to reveal some truths and complain about how I lie a lot to people.  I find myself parting from something kind of “close” to me I guess you’d say, to be able to help out a best friend.  Bipolar disorder much? No… That’s just me 🙂


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