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Is there such a thing?

Is there such a thing as too many interests?  I could list quite a few, even if you exclude it to “expensive” ones.  Well relatively expensive hobbies, expensive for a college student I guess you’d say.

I missed FCBD… For those of you who don’t know, that’s “Free Comic Book Day” and it’s one of the best damn days of the year.

SIDE NOTE:  WTF?!? Why do I have so much energy, like TOO MUCH energy.  SIGH.

Anyway, I missed it, and I didn’t even care all that much, because I had a great day with Jazz, well for the most part, the super latter part of the day was spent with her.  The rest of the day was spent either sleeping or working, both of which are necessary and fulfilling in their own way.  BUT, point is, I’m in a good fucking mood, FANTASTIC even. 

Is this the Prozac, it may well be…  But only time should tell. 

MANY things on my mind at the moment.  I feel like Daredevil, but instead of super freaky senses that would overload the average brain, it’s just a rush of thoughts and pure cognizance.  It’s bursting my brain open, but at the same time, it’s amusing.

Let’s try to stay focused Grant, YEAH, LET’S.  WHY ALL THE CAPITAL LETTERS!?!?  I guess because I am screaming in my head.  None of this would be aloud because it is far too early in the morning to make such a ruckus… Not to mention it would scare my new neighbors. 

FOCUSED!! Ah yes, the focus..  I was going to talk about my ludicrous amount of hobbies.  Maybe I can do a pros and cons list sort of thing and sort out which I should be able to keep and which I should just drop.  Well there is the comics to begin with… One I am unfortunately/fortunately dropping, I have my tears and woes, but for the most part I think it is the best thing.  Besides I’m just sort of bagging them upon purchase and never look at them outside the bag again, I just stare at the cover on occasion.  So I gave my Captain America comics to a good friend of mine who has life to pay for and can’t afford comics himself, HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM SIR!  Next… Hmm what hobby or interest is next…  Video games, that’s an expensive one if there ever were (for a college student)  at $60 a piece often being the going rate for new games, it adds up fast.  Throw in a couple of special or limited editions a few times a year, OH YEAH, PRICEY…  But still… I don’t think I can give up my gaming… It’s part of what makes me… well me..  It’s a little to complicated to explain in a sitting so maybe another day I could explain as a standalone sort of issue.  A one shot if you will… LULZ… Then I also have the vinyl, a potentially expensive hobby, although for my tastes it has been relatively tame, especially since I focus on newer vinyls or reproductions of older ones.  I don’t try to track down the original 1st prints (are they called prints?).  Plus I really like listening to them on occasion, and they are fun to have and buy and all that.  Plus it’s really exciting to get a used one, take it home, and discover it works great.  So I think I’ll keep that hobby.  There’s guitar, but that is almost assured to stay, despite being very expensive at times, playing guitar is a worthwhile endeavor for many a reason but for me it’s because it’s mainly therapeutic.  Though I do often wish I could write songs, especially on the level Mr. Jonathan Coulton writes them on, love that guy.  There’s Movie collecting, book collecting, manga collecting, board games (the good board games, not just like monopoly or your run of the mill Milton Bradley).  OH, and of course, the one I am most on the fence on at the moment… Heroclix!!  It’s a fantastic miniatures game based on superheroes, mainly from the marvel and DC universes.  And part of the great thing is, you can pit these heroes (or villains) against each other regardless of their realm of origin.  Plus it’s a decent miniatures and strategy game to boot!  But it’s so expensive and you end up with SO MANY duplicates.  Plus I haven’t done organized play in forever, which is both a blessing and a curse.. 

I dunno, I guess none of this is really relevant to your life, me just posting my thoughts away.  But QUICKLY, the train is moving! ALL ABOARD!! May I have your ticket mam, this is not a round trip, but it may still make your head spin.  Really Grant?  That was stupidly cheesy.. Yeah well, that’s probably a bad thing because I’m lactose intolerant.  Now it’s just gonna get foul up in here…

Dear God… What have I become, to make such awful jokes?  Oh wait, I do that normally don’t I?

Next line of thought.  It was star wars day, I guess now that was yesterday.  I did nothing to commemorate this day this year, despite my grand love of star wars.  Da-na-da-nananaNA-da-nananaNA-NA-NA-Na-nuh.  YES

WTF?! Why am I so awake, but yet in a good mood… So confused… Oh well I should TRY to get some sleep.  Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it to some extent, night everyone 😀 


A creative bit mayhaps

Please don’t be too harsh on my creative stuff.  I know it’s not that good to begin with.  With that said, feel free to leave constructive feedback.


A watchful eye, I gaze from afar.  A distant beauty, a fading star. 
A temptress in white? a diluted sister? I know not which of these and more.
You take me in unheeding, hidden in shadow. It’s unclear, Might thine name be hallowed? 
My old wounds amended, you turn me away with marks anew.

I know it now, I’ve seen your face.  You expect it of me, to give chase.
At first I ponder, before I strike.  Study your intent, before I give in.
A creature so dark, yet so full of light.  A being of kindness, absolute plight.
A fool to the strings, I’ve been played yet again, for the praise of the dire audience.

But the moon, she is out, lighting my way, I march, the intent of a dead man at bay.
The light filters through my grimly set sight in not a moment too soon.
A new dazzled beast lay at my feet.  Could this be true, or just deceit?
Does that matter now?  What sort of trivial concern is this?  It’s a lovely night ain’t it? 

Just a little something.

I have many heroes.  All types.  The best of these heroes make me smile at the mere thought of their names and talents.

If only I were that of a fraction of the potential people see in me.  If I could just be a shadow of my shadow.

Hmm.. Interesting thought.  If I could be but a part of myself that everyone sees, but me. 


I crave to write creatively so I may start another blog entailing my inner thoughts, well the creative ones, haha, anyway, thought I might work on that, so stay tuned if at all interested.