An Attempt at Something Positive

Sometimes I want to write and nothing flies to the screen (or page). Sometimes I want to rest and words overflow my mind. This is neither of those. This is a time when I read something, just a blurb of something, and flew to my blog to discuss the ideas roiling around in me.

Chivalry is dead. For all the likes of men who fancy the “game”, chivalry is dead.

Chivalry is dead. For all the likes of women who let themselves be nothing more than flesh to appease a man’s carnal appetite.

Chivalry is struggling. For all the men who try to respect women and find a lack of reciprocation.

Chivalry is starving. For all the women who tried a “nice guy” but it didn’t work out, or thought they had more fun with the “bad boy”.

Chivalry is dead. I know because I greet the people who murdered it every day, with them all too unaware of what they’ve done and continue.

Chivalry is dead. Because the women who once made it worth doing, are gone, left picking up crumbs, believing they are far too undeserving or inadequate.

Hark! This fight is not yet over! Chivalry does not die with new cultural norms. It dies with me, and with any other man who dare to stand on her side.

Chivalry lives. So long as I shall breathe, and I know a man or two as well, she shan’t lay slain, in pool of acronyms created to communicate with supreme brevity. She shall be put forth, and with honor, we will respect women and pursue courtships over fleshly desire.

I’m not the only one. Even if the norms have changed, I, we, can resist the tide. Much like people refer to Latin as a “dead language”, it is still archived and present in the tongues we have now. It is still revered and presented in many ways. It is anything but dead. So too must chivalry be.

Maybe women don’t want us to be chivalrous. If there’s a woman who vehemently opposes it, then I know she’s not the one I want to spend my time forming a relationship with. Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with the change in the societal norms, I’m not going with that change.

If being chivalrous means I sit here thinking of the things I will do to garner attention, to be romantic, even if the implementation is never realized, that’s ok. If there’s not a woman out there who wants me for who I am, then I desire no such romantic relationship. Even on my own, I can be chivalrous. And I know a handful of men in my own life, who are just the same, some to an even greater extent.

Chivalry is dead? Hardly. Maybe endangered, certainly far from the norm, but, dead? I hardly consider that a true statement. For if I am chivalrous, and chivalry is dead, what does that make me? Even in my solitude, I will stand strong. Perhaps chivalry is on some hard times as a culture, but, it isn’t yet dead, and I would know.


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