Why I’m awesome (amongst other things)

Yeah, that’s a kickass post title. I’m diggin’ it. Perhaps it’s mania, perhaps just a good spell of energy, who knows? Not me. But, let’s go with it, let’s keep up the positive energy on my behalf.

Why am I awesome? Because I have heart, I give people honest and raw words, and I think that they appreciate it. And if they don’t, then they’re just not my kind of people. As I reflect on what I am, I only see it positively when I’m considering through other’s eyes. Much of this is based on feedback I receive from them.

I’m the treasured friend. The one that a lot of people want in their life. And it’s not because I give gifts (though I do that a lot!) but because I’m real, and a good guy to boot. And Hell, I’m not even hard on the eyes for the most part.

I’m a catch, it’s dumb of me to think otherwise, even briefly. I have my downs, yes, I sure do, but I’m not letting those be my defining attribute any longer. Even if I can never sway her, there will be love in my life at some point, because I’m awesome. My good is more impactful than my bad, and my bad is a lot less now.

I could spend some time sitting here and listing positive things about my character and reinforce this energy I got, but, I have this vague notion of something to write about.

As though I have weight on my mind despite the repelling medicinal side affects otherwise.

I’m not normal, the “odd one in” as I have recently stated. I oppose a lot of parts with social media, but I’ve been reforming my thoughts on the matter of my philosophy regarding people. For the most part, I’m very withdrawn, I don’t like people, as much as it looks like it, because I treat everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of my disposition towards them. They get that as part of being my species.

The reforming bit is making this less absolute. I can dislike people and not judge them/still respect them. But, there are plenty of people I can like, I just have to be open to finding them, in whatever hiding places they hole themselves up in. This is part of the catalyst effect introduced to me in my latest lovelorn special.

And I gotta say, I’m diggin’ it. I don’t have to be friends with everyone, just the people I like, I can still be a good person if I dislike somebody, I’ll still respect them, it’s just a matter of preferences, I’m not wasting what time I have in my life trying to befriend people that rub me the wrong way.

Maybe I’ll write again soon with something creative, more poetic or some sort of prompt. I should start finding writing prompts. Until then, I’ll be kicking my own ass, working back towards getting into school again and spilling my heart out to strangers.


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