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Protected: (working title) Part 1

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A creative bit mayhaps

Please don’t be too harsh on my creative stuff.  I know it’s not that good to begin with.  With that said, feel free to leave constructive feedback.


A watchful eye, I gaze from afar.  A distant beauty, a fading star. 
A temptress in white? a diluted sister? I know not which of these and more.
You take me in unheeding, hidden in shadow. It’s unclear, Might thine name be hallowed? 
My old wounds amended, you turn me away with marks anew.

I know it now, I’ve seen your face.  You expect it of me, to give chase.
At first I ponder, before I strike.  Study your intent, before I give in.
A creature so dark, yet so full of light.  A being of kindness, absolute plight.
A fool to the strings, I’ve been played yet again, for the praise of the dire audience.

But the moon, she is out, lighting my way, I march, the intent of a dead man at bay.
The light filters through my grimly set sight in not a moment too soon.
A new dazzled beast lay at my feet.  Could this be true, or just deceit?
Does that matter now?  What sort of trivial concern is this?  It’s a lovely night ain’t it?